The Build Process


Once planning has been achieved we offer several tailor-made solutions which depend how you wish to complete your build.

Build Options

  • Inception to completionThe ‘Turn Key’ Solution
    We can work with you to create your design or we can work with a design you already have in place. If necessary, we then guide you through the planning process. Once planning is secured, we will present you a Fixed Cost Proposal, which enables us to deliver your project to the highest standards with piece of mind that your buld will be completed on time, on budget to a scheduled timeline. Throughout the build process, we encourage you to be involved as much as you feel comfortable so you can feel a part of the process from inception to completion.


  • Project Management of your Build. – Cost Efficient Solution.

Using a collaborative approach to building, we will Project Manage your build ensuring the right trades are brought in at the right time to complete your build to the standards we expect. We find this is the most efficient and cost effective way to build your project. All the savings by using trades direct means you save throughout the project using the right tradesperson at each stage of your build.

  • Design & Tender Package – The DIY Solution.
    We will complete tender documents and co-ordinate the Tender process enabling you to Project Manage your build to completion. We will can be a support to you throughout your project.

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